Fitness for All, Fitness for Kids

Keeping children fit while having fun! Fitness For All youth fitness programs.

Fitness for All, Fitness for Kids

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Fitness Programs

The Fitness For All program focuses on all aspects of fitness for children. Strength, speed, endurance, agility, balance and hand eye coordination are just a few of the things that the participant will learn to develop with consistency. One-on-one drills, obstacle courses and relay races, not only make fitness fun, but help the participants build confidence and motor skills while teaching them to work effectively with others.

The Fitness For All program gives children a head start on understanding the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle which helps to fight the childhood obesity epidemic plaguing our country.

Activities include: Aerobics, Dance, Hopscotch, Parachute Games, Obstacle Course, Beanbag Throw, Basketball, Baseball, T-Ball, Ringtoss, Relay Races, Hoop Jumping, Station Training and Zumba for Kids!

Fitness For All is inspiring! They truly believe in educating kids about fitness and healthy eating! They tap into kids interests, make exercising fun and part of everyday activities. Before you know it.......your kids are jump roping around the house, having burpee competitions and asking for celery and carrots!

Thank you Donnie and Jason for helping children embrace fitness!

The Snyder family

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Fitness For All makes exercise fun and ensures that children have confidence in their physical abilities and motor skills that last a lifetime.
Programs take place at children’s centers, schools, after school programs, block parties, fairs, birthday parties, community and fundraising events.
We also do individual and group sessions at your home.  We are based in Westchester County, New York
and will conduct fitness programs in Westchester County, Southern Fairfield County and in schools all over the United States.
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