Fitness for All, Fitness for Kids

Keeping children fit while having fun! Fitness For All youth fitness programs. 

Fitness for All, Fitness for Kids

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. Fitness For All was established in 2005 and it is owned by nationally certified personal trainers, Don Demas and Jason Scrofani.

Q. Where do the programs take place?
A. Programs take place at camps, schools, day care centers, fairs, block parties, fundraising and community events and clients homes or where ever is most convenient for the client. We also specialize in birthday parties.

Q. Is all equipment for the activities provided by Fitness For All?
A. Yes. We will provide all necessary equipment for each and every session.

Q. What if my child has a limitation or barrier to his/her involvement?
A. Our goal is to make sure that everyone is involved in each activity to his/her full potential. We will modify the activity accordingly to meet each participants fitness level.

Q. Are you available on weekends?
A. We will accommodate Saturdays only. Please give us a 2-3 week notice for availability.


Call 1.888.450.9629

Here's what the Mamaroneck Junior Soccer League has to say about Fitness For All

Fitness for All believes in kids fitness! We were lucky to have them as a sponsor for our 4th grade soccer team in Mamaroneck! They were involved, cheered us on and helping us learn the importance for stretching before sports and staying active!

Fitness for All ROCKS and we hope we make you proud this season!

Fitness for All MJSL 4th Grade Girls....committed to fitness

Mamaroneck Junior Soccer League


Fitness For All makes exercise fun and ensures that children have confidence in their physical abilities and motor skills that last a lifetime.
Programs take place at children’s centers, schools, after school programs, block parties, fairs, birthday parties, community and fundraising events.
We also do individual and group sessions at your home.  We are based in Westchester County, New York
and will conduct fitness programs in Westchester County, Southern Fairfield County and in schools all over the United States.
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